You are a name,
not a number.

We Offer Flexible Rates to fit your case and circumstances.

Our client list is small so we can provide
individual attention.

Once again in 2018, David was selected by Thompson Reuters to their Super Lawyers list.


Mizgala Law recognizes that today’s legal market is crowded.  Clients have an overwhelming number of attorneys and law firms from which to choose.

We also recognize every case is different, every client is different; so is every lawyer and every law firm.  It is incredibly important, therefor that clients choose the right counsel to handle their particular legal matters.

Founded in late 2014, Mizgala Law is a small firm with big ideas.  We believe that:

  • honesty is not only the best policy, it is the only one;
  • the legal profession is a noble one;
  • attorneys must always advance, not their own, but their clients’ interests;
  • exceptional legal service should be affordable for everyone, not a privilege enjoyed only by the wealthy;
  • success in the legal profession should be measured NOT by attorneys’ billable hours or a firm’s profit and loss statement; and,
  • success in the legal profession should be measured by the quality of the attorneys’ work product and the firm’s ability.

Mizgala Law provides clients with free legal consultations.  We’ll carefully listen to your legal questions or concerns, give you our straight forward assessment of your case, and help you decide if our firm – or someone else’s – is the right one for you.

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Civil Appeals

Commercial Litigation

Pretrial & Trial Consulting


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